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  1. Here's the planzzz.....


    1. Makan over @ ADAM'S RD.

    2. Take a stride to Seletar to row call our MITO & Photo Taking

    3. Bowling @ Down Town East. (select your own team mate)


    a) I need to know date & time for all can gather. (Should be nite & wkend)

    b) Its an open event to all (anybody can contribute idea)


    **Please help to contact each other to rapid these event. alternatively you can leave your contact number and i will follow up via sms.


    Thanks & cheers



    Sting like a BEEZ

  2. bro.. saw this late.. real late.. haha.. hows things?

  3. hey bro... how u? i know u're the first few batch of mito in spore.. the good news is this sun there's gonna be a ahuge turn up of mito in spore for wedding escort.. do u want to join us? since it's u the 1st person who open up this thread.. =D

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