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  1. Why don't you try motorpay ? Just need to pay a monthly fee and no more worries about forgetting to remove or place cashcard for the ERP gantry. I been using that for years and I think it is worth it.
  2. My battery was last changed 1.5 years ago, haha hopefully it will still start when I am back....or maybe I should replace it now .........
  3. Guys, am going overseas for 6 days, will my SW battery last that long sinceit won't be on for 6 days ?
  4. Ok, thanks. actually I don't think can pump extra 1 litres....but maybe 500ml more ? anyone can clarify ? Got following questions : 1. Where do you guys do your servicing, can provide the company name and address ? 2. How many litres before it hit reserve ? 3. How would we know that we have hit reserve and what is the indication like ? 4. When is the next wing meet up ? can't wait for my wing
  5. Because I will miss my S4 18 litres fuel tank so wondering I can pump until 17 litres for the 16 litres fuel tank:cheeky:
  6. can i pump petrol for the silverwing to the brim like a S4 ? In such case, how many more litres would I have pump in and would it have some spillage underneath like X9 when placed on side stand immediately after topping to the brim ?
  7. I am using 52 litres maxia, shiok, can place a lot of things inside, I ever place a 10 kg rice with some other thing, it still hold up well:angel:
  8. Hey Big Cow I spoke to you this afternoon regarding getting a Silverwing. Thanks for sharing the knowledge. hope to meet up with you guys onceI lay my hand on my dream scooter
  9. Hey, now class 2A also must take theory ? must sit test a not....just curious as I am thinking of class 2 already.
  10. I would say it now depend on your words as witness and taxi driver words vs your friends words. Extend of damage to the bike and damage to the cab and point of impact and etc. There is a lot of factors involved, end of the day, stick to your words, same for your friend and hope for the best.
  11. Assuming there is one, what is the price range ?
  12. why is the price range for a silverwing with FBA plate ? seriously thinking of getting a silverwing already whether brand new or 2nd hand
  13. One pair cost around $130, 3 pair is alot. i think most of the rider here does not have brake pads that cost so much, at most, I think 30 to 45 per pair
  14. HH Sintered Brake Pads - expensive leh per pair So when doing brake pad changes must change front and rear to the same type or can I just change the front to HH Sintered Brake Pad and then rear the normal type ?
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