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  1. Fuel tank got original up-grade to 8 litres but of course Yamaha did not want to correct this flaw for their customers!
  2. Aerox is a good scooter but buyers better beware. There is some serious fault in the way yamaha had placed certain components behind the rear wheel and if you get even some water on it...good luck...Error 13...famous to show on the display and ignition coil get water to connection...bike stalls. But if you know HOW to prevent these from water contact , then such problems will be unlikely to haunt the users!! Yamaha engineers must be sleeping when they design this scooter Aerox!!
  3. If you want standard but must have money...go Seng Kwang...they do this ..box and rack thing ..swee swee go ask for Gilbert but you must also have deeper pockets!!
  4. Tachyon got Amir...of course got standard lah...but customers also need deeper pockets!!
  5. Buy bike just pay the full amount....especially if small bikes or scooter or whatever ..don't loan here ..loan there ,as many many older bros here have said many times already!!
  6. I moved from maintain motorcycles to scooter. Mostly same as in engine but drive and transmission, totally another animal! Belt drive good lah..smoother, closed system ( no more filthy chain and sprocket to maintain!) and last longer too. But scooter drive, you need a specialised assortment of tools and do the service professionally and properly( not like Ah Beng shops...which everything goes piak..piak..piak with air drive torque tools and use their hands as calibrated torque wrenches)!!
  7. Hi gmax


    Can your big bore kit fit mx jupiter?


    If so what's the price including install?



  8. hey i read your post on NSR 150 engine freezing what did you have to do to get it fixed?

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