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  1. -Fmf belly with legal arrow exhaust endcan (certified with cert)

    -Zeta retractable clutch lever

    -KTM front fender

    -Vforce 3 reed valve (stock valve will be given)

    -Keihin carburator 33mm

    -Ohlins suspensions rear shock spring

    -Pirelli tyres

    -New Trail tech vapormeter

    -New brake pump

    -New brake pads

    -New throttle grips

    -New drc tail light

    -New seat cover with sponge added

    -New paintwork (including the swingarm, body frame and brake calipers)

    -New battery

    -New KTM chain roller

    -New front and rear sprockets

    -New RK chain

    -Lastly, NEW magnetic coil and rectifier


    hi all, i'm selling my baby Husqvarna 08 model plate FBD as i'm upgrading to class 2A bike. Inspection is due next year feb. As you can see from the aftermarket parts done up to this bike is worth the value. All items stated NEW are less than 2weeks old with receipt. Highly nego for serious buyer! Anything contact me at 90214723. Cheers.

  2. hi dude! i need help with my LCD screen on my gilera, same problem too. mind if you contact me at 90214723? your help is greatly appreciated :)

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