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    Hi Leo, nice meeting you. Didnt know the forum is still alive.
  2. Im riding the 2013 Enduro R, its already been homologated, speak to mr ong direct if you are keen.
  3. Since both bikes shares the same parts and accessories so put up this tread for riders to share info and MO for parts.
  4. 13x

    Harley Riders gather

    im running somewhere around the same mileage as you. IMO city riding tend to have a lousier mileage compare to highway/expressway riding.
  5. 13x

    Harley Riders gather

    Yup, akra for dyna is approved. can drop VCSG a call @ 90012352
  6. 13x

    Sportsters Riders

    Sportster slow?! What bikes are you comparing them to may I ask?
  7. 13x

    Harley Riders gather

    guess gotta agree to that. anyways got the akra during the discounted rate. that will serve me well as for now. still waiting for paintwork to be finished. urghhhhh
  8. 13x

    Harley Riders gather

    Looking at the RRP on remus website, the price tag is not looking good. *crossing fingers*
  9. 13x

    Harley Riders gather

    @ Midview city? Its a roadking
  10. 13x

    Harley Riders gather

    if i not wrong the newer models have 2 different exhaust, slash cut & tapered. just gotta keep a lookout. doubt the older models have different variations of exhaust thou.
  11. 13x

    Harley Riders gather

    just got my stock exhaust (bracket and all) for my nightster for SGD320 plus shipping from ebay. btw akra for sportsters only applicable to 06 models and up. =) add: took abt 2 weeks...to ship from seller to shipping company and to sg.
  12. 13x

    Harley Riders gather

    care to share where and time he was caught?
  13. 13x

    Harley Riders gather

    Hi guys, i just got myself a nightster and I'm loving it, but its sad to see all of this exhaust issues popping up. anyways, i've got my bike used and its missing its original headers and exhaust interconnecting bracket, just wondering if any one here rides a nightster/iron that could help me with the part number for the bracket? couldn't get a fixed answer on google. much appreciated and hope to ride with you guys soon
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