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  1. 1. Get a second hand bike. If possible get something near to your like but left coe like 1yr or so. Trust me. U will need time to accustom yourself to Singapore roads. Taxis that suddenly stop to pickup or dropoff passengers, cars that turn without signal, cars that turn like driving big trailer(wide turning), high beamers and honkers. Cheap bike at least damage not so bad. 2. For helmets, since you have a voucher, maybe u can get a slightly better helmet. Brands like AGV, Nolan with a little topup. Try not go for fullface as you may not get use to the view and some blind spot. 3. Get a
  2. ( A*) Series AB 4 S - $220,000 (contact 93232303) AB 99 T - $offer ( contact 98682002 ) AC 8B - (call / Whatsapp 9633 8888) AC 11 R - $offer ( contact 98682002 ) AG 12 S - $26,800 (contact 9755 3736, Anthony Tan) AG 17 D - $27,000 ( pm ) AG 88 Z - $offer ( contact 98682002 ) AJ 1 H - $offer ( contact 98682002 ) AK 18 E - $offer ( contact 98682002) AL44Z - $offer (contact FK13J) AM 24 B - $offer (contact 98682002) AM 58 D - $offer(contact 98682002) AP 27 C - $offer (whatsapp 97941408) AQ 30 L - $8,888 (pm helmetbox) AQ 4444 A - $5,444 (contact 9429 4
  3. Selling a used Semi Leather Motorcycle Riding Jacket. Padded Protection. Used lightly when touring Very comfortable, keep warm and safe. Size XL. For reference, My height 174cm, 86kg Asking $150 Collect at Bedok North Street 3 sms/watsapp/call 82287756
  4. Looking for working CBR600F4 CDI. 1999 model Contact me 82287756 for fast response Sent from my MI NOTE LTE using Tapatalk
  5. Sorry yen96 tap on it post. I can get some discount if u get me to renew ur insurance as I have some contacts at insurance agency. They do MSIG and NTUC Do pm me ur bike details and ur biodata for a quote to compare Sent from my MI NOTE LTE using Tapatalk
  6. Greetings all, I have a vintage CBR 600 F4 Now CDI is leaking, any one have idea where to get a replacement CDI? Please PM me if any lobangs! Thanks in advance
  7. Hi mike can i have ur number again i m the 1 who sold u x1r last year

  8. need no plate to qoute my friend.

    also your date of birth.

    any NCD? claims for past 3 yrs

  9. hi, i m interested in your pulsar. full cash ready buyer

  10. bro, ur x9 scrapped?

    i thinking of restoring it.

    maybe i scrap for u free of charge.

  11. I remember if not wrong FF was lifted on 1 April 1994. b4 this there are monkey face helmet and skool helmet. fav brand shoei and arai other brand skoei, aral inner cushion can change to red colour very bengs but "in" that time plus that peak cap then the eye face the sky when they ride..............lol no have so many brand like zues, mgp, mhr, lab, sumo etc
  12. My experience..... Never buy 2nd hand bike from bike shop.... They take in god know wat condition bike at cheap price, touch up the outlook, sell at sky high price.... Later add agreement fee, admin fee, misc fee and if need inspec they also have admin fee for inspection, wa kao. How not to be rich!!!! then the fees some shop got 7% GST some more yaya, government take GST. But they dun charge all these funny fee, then no GST lor. Last time i tot got 1 they call "kick ball money" all in liao, then now got all these funny fees. Best of all, they can give you 10 years warranty a
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