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  1. 1) skidded while in the MSCP. it was raining heavily, so entered the cp.. made a right turn to find a lot and bam! was lucky enough there was a couple(lives in the same block as me) who helped me to get up and my bike up on side stand(was a few inches from hitting a parked vehicle). Escaped with no injuries...found out that while i was making a right turn, there was a drainage cover(obviously wet)..chances are my tyres were on it and i skidded. Counter measure: eversince that day, each time i enter a cp regardless its sheltered or open ones..i ride slow, look out and avoid for those drainage c
  2. Tried on my fz16st for 11 litres i could go up to 450km before switching to reserve.
  3. Dropping by this thread to wish you guys all the best! Don't give up and hope to see you on the road soon! Cheers
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