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  1. ok..i see where i put all the stuffs.. will update u soon..

  2. Bro,can u please. Make for me the saddle shutter for gsr. I been looking for it since I got this bike. Please

  3. Bro,can request making me the saddle shutter for gsr..please

  4. I used to do the saddle shutter, but since noone was looking for it, i sold it overseas.. sorry guys..

  5. sorry bro, theres no shop in SG that carries the saddle shutter...

  6. hey bro, is there any shops in SG that carries the saddle shutter?

    where did u get yours? i cant wait to get rid of the pillion handle

  7. hi bro,u still do the gsr saddle shutter?if you do,could i hv 1 too?

  8. Hi Bro I own of GSX-R SRAD 750cc(1996) but my CDI got BIG PROBLEM I can't start my bike I need a replace a new one but the cost is to high$$$ I'm looking for 2nd hand CDI if you have anyone having 2nd hand CDI please contect me I need to use my bike for work.

    Thank you

    Mohamed Latiff

    9650 6795

  9. Hey bro, Sorry i didn't know u gotta click on ya own profile just to rear vsitor messages....Feywee..i just discover this..heheheh... anyhoo...How do i get hold of the blueprints? webby ? i tought bout it tho, i want to project it but need the details & budget + a place to do all the mech stuff...estimate 2 whole months to do such a things & can be pricey...don't u thinkl mate...

  10. bro ya item can fit at R1 o3...?

  11. Dzal

    P250408 16.30

    hahaha...ya la..its from ur bike hahaha...noone else have this..i can assure u that...
  12. Dzal

    Group Outing

    add any photos of our group outings here
  13. beb...i went thru the blueprints of GSR 400 and 600.. sorry ah, at that time i confused u all with GSR600 and GSXR600...correction made is that the only thing u need to change (confirm) is the 4 pistons and cyllinder block and top block head. for every piston, consist of 2 inlet valve and 2 outlet valve, if u change the pistons, dont know whether will it affect the valves positions. but i doubt so la..

  14. bro project 600cc how ? on or off? i need the 400cc + 600cc blue prints....

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