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  1. jia_yvon


    pspiso i nv dl from there i rather dl from gamestorrents.com much much more faster n more simple... dl finish winrar it then can liao
  2. i played dmc 1 onli..c ant even complete.. my neighbour taught mi how to cheat.. LOL... dmc2 n dmc3 all nv touch... dun really like the game...
  3. stay at hm sleep best la........
  4. jia_yvon


    eh.......................................... time to change to a new com maybe
  5. jia_yvon


    complete that on my ps3 liao
  6. i scare buy liao then nt interested to play till complete ley... like tt wasted sia. . rather wait for gta4 ba... haha. coming sooN~~
  7. i lost to him in the demo... like very hard ley.. i tried once nia.. lost liao then i nv play liao. my ps3 nv on for 2 weeks i think.. yday on for watch dvd.. LOL
  8. tq for listing out all. i lazy to type out all. LOL
  9. haha. maybe same to mi ... gaming to mi iz jus to have fun n release part of my stress... i onli wans to master 1 game.. gran turismo~
  10. still need to bring their own helmet, siao ar.. u ask them bring 1 helmet bag walk around u see whether they wan anot lo n DO U THINK disposable hair cover from u at 30cent each CAN PROTECT THEIR HEAD DURING AN ACCIDENT ?????????????????????????????????? im sure many ppl thinks of this idea long ago n if it really can work, it will work long time ago.
  11. like tt then gt exercise our brain wat ...
  12. jia_yvon


    dl lo... free aniway. LOL
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