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  1. yes mates. royal enfield & triump is equally nice and surely powerful enough to carry a sidecar along..im still doing my class2b : ) a ural/CJ750 lookalike is just purely a lifestyle motorcyle to me.. will be fantastic to use it for touring too... haha
  2. thanks for the suggestion.. a Ural/ChangJiang 750 sidecar attaching to a retro motorbike - speed is really not the concerns, its the fun factors : )
  3. Royal Enfield is available in Singapore , distributed by Universal Motors, same distributor for Pulsar ..... Alternatively, classic bike from Triumph motors is equally good looking. however, i think non of them are for class 2b....
  4. Hihi.. Yes. considering that ChangJiang are restored bike, LTA regulation doesnt permit it to be imported into Singapore.. For URAL, they are 700 cc bike, im still doing my class 2b, so it got to be 200cc and below.. After looking around, like what you say, import the sidecar and have a workshop assembled it for you.. Thats exactly what i want to do. Had a reply from a ChangJiang 750 manufacturer in China and they are prepare to sell me only the sidecar... i will then look for a retro looking bike and get it fixed onto it........ The concerns will be the extra weight a 200cc and bel
  5. Hi... newbies here... still doing my class 2b.. im very interested in those retro motorcycle.. something like the Ural from Russia or Chang Jiang from China. wonder is there any shops here that does such similar looking bike ? appreciate regards
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