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  1. Hi there,


    I've just attempted to renew my bike's insurance from your website but it states that Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is not insured?


    Mind to clarify since the model and make is directly from your e-form drop-down list or is it due to my years of riding? Driving 13 years and riding 1 year?


    Please advise me here or email me at [email protected]


    Thank you.

  2. Hi Seaking - I'm really sorry to have missed your message - I didn't get a notification for some reason.


    DirectAsia.com are the insurers - we are not a broker and we don't have agents - we insure directly ourselves. This is part of what makes us different - we cut out the middleman, and then pass on the savings directly to our customers.


    I hope this is helpful, and once again my apologies for the delay in reply,



  3. hi there i got a quote from your website but it did not state the insurer.

    I am 45yo make cl 2 issued 1994 no claims before

    i ride a harley 883 iron 2010 reg

    can you let me know the insurers name? i would like to now in general what claim experience from other riders are like with them and other terms like the excess, limited worshop, free tow etc


    u can reach me at 98303911

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