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  1. oh kk thanks, btw if my batt is new, but it very easy go flat, that means rectifier need to change ah? n my spark plug no spark, so need to change coil?

  2. Cannot fit.....different frame.

  3. hey man, do u know if the cg125 2003 model can change the coverset to the old cg model? can fit?

  4. Coe now is rocket high,all the best in finding another ride. Do post what you wanna sell or give. Can arrange with you for a shop to scrap you bike.
  5. Buy s4 or those common bike loh.
  6. Pls sent to shop,many reason.
  7. Go after the polling date will be better. Ride at 80-90km/h for 2.5hr,you will reach the 7 petrol station.
  8. Dun waste time.take airplane.faster.hahaha Maxi scooter is fast.tmax.
  9. Check with you guys. I'm using motul gold 3100 semi 10w40 now,so far ok. Vtwin engine really needs w50 engine oil? Was thinking to change it to motul 7100 fully syn 10w50.anyone using it? Every 10k km i will change coolant(maxima cool aid) Every 5k I will change spark plug(NGK normal plug)
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