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  1. is there a group chat available for FZ riders ?
  2. one of the best 2B bike around.. OEM parts not cheap coz Italian, parts readily available at most scooter repair shops.. FC about 20-22km/l for open pod air filter and leo vince exhaust.
  3. Coe Reg. : Dec 2010 Coe expiry : Dec 2020 Mileage : 70000km Full servicing done : Jul 2017 (Wonderful Motor) New Bitubo suspension : Jul 2017 (Scooter Narcotics) Open-pod Air filter Serviced : Aug 17 (Future Scooter) Carburettor Serviced : Aug 17 (Future Scooter) Throttle Cable Replaced : Aug 17 (Future Scooter) Street Legal Leo Vince Exhaust Steel brake hose Voltmeter Tinted Headlight Protector Stage 6 Mirror Viewing at Woodlands. Whatsapp me at 9621 6184 for more pictures.
  4. Lets revive a dead thread.. where are all the gilera riders ?
  5. means you pay 5% more every year on top of the amount you loan. eg : $10k for 3 years = 10k x (0.05x3) = $11500 so monthly $320 This will be the sum you are paying. Other cost for new bike will be maybe the GST which they might not include in their machine price. Others would be like admin fee, insurance, IU, early settlement fees.
  6. Who r u ar ??

  7. [Q] Recently i drop my precious bike .. my gear lever like bend inwards a little ,still can ride ... How do i remedy it ? Thanks in advance !! :thumb:
  8. Bro .. how much u fix both frame n axle slider from motovation ?
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