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  1. Posting on behalf of my friend - pls sms/whatsapp the HP number below for more info:


    Make / Model: Yamaha FZ1-S Gen 2 Model

    Plate No. FBE5182A

    Asking / Selling Price $13000 negotiable (Cash/ or Re-loan your own)

    Class 2 Bike

    Registration Date 27 May 2006

    COE Expiry Date 26 May 2016

    Mileage 73000

    Engine Capacity 1000cc

    Accessories: Rizoma handle bar, handle grip, side mirrors. AKRAPOVIC exhaust.



    Well maintained, servicing done last month & always pump with Esso 8000 petrol. New tyres. Always under cover parking (work and home). Can give the stock pipes & other items. Upgrading to another bike. Price negotiable.


    Sms/whatsapp 94249024 for more info/viewing




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  2. Hi all,


    Looking to sell my Super 4 Ver S as i'm upgrading bike soon. Bike is used 2-3 times weekly for transport to work and back. This is pretty much a stock bike that is trouble free since I had it.

    I will throw in free 6 month road tax, transfer fee & inspection free since it's due end May 2013 if the price is right.


    Asking for: $2800 or nearest offer.


    SMS/whatsapp to arrange viewing: 9 8 5 6 9 9 five one (location potong pasir, or if near enough I can ride over after 7pm on weekdays or all day weekend to your location for viewing)



    FQ Plate - Super 4 Version S

    Make / Model: HONDA / CB 400

    COE Expiry: 30 Apr 2018

    ERP IU brand new replaced Jan 2013/ 5 year warranty


    Accessories include:

    Hella red horn (inspection passed - very loud)

    L-Tyre Valves (for easy pumping of air)

    46L GIVI box with rack


    Servicing done frequently every 2 months with EO and spark plug changed in end Feb 2013.


    here are the pics:







  3. dude you probably joined SBF only recently... the lao jiaos of phantom knights are the de facto leaders here; no questions about it.


    In fact, most of the phantom knights we know are now riding different bikes or even driving cars; but we're still united as one! =)


    I saw many outing out on the road often saw group pass by upper thomson but on diff bike from small cc to giant sport bike never see Phantom bike on group. But do know years ago do have Phantom group but deal to many reason it can't be united. Sorry no offense of course knowing the fact running a group not easy too many "leader" too little "follower". :)
  4. Selling due to work relocation. Bike engine oil done every 3000km, only 98 petrol used. Contact 9800 9037 - Eddy for details.


    Brand/Model: Yamaha Majesty YP400

    Colour: Metallic Sliver

    Year Reg: May 2005

    No. Plate: FZ 16xxB

    Road Tax: 26 Oct 2010

    COE Expiry: 26 Apr 2015

    Acc: 52L Givi rear box with rear lights, custom givi rack 52L box, touring rack on top of box.

    Veh Transfer Fee: Buyer Bear the cost

    Selling Price: $5,500 neg

    Viewing Location: Potong Pasir MRT


    Just changed: front + rear tyres $220; drive belt $180; rollers $30


    Bonus item: Komine Full Armoured Mesh Jacket & RS Tachi Mesh Armour Jacket.





  5. Open To All Classes Of Bikes



    0. nick / bike / pillion : Yes or No


    1) Nemesis / Pulsar / no (Paid.)

    2) Quincy / CBR1K / pending (Paid.)

    3) Omnislash / ?? /no (paid)

    4) Haya^Busa / Hayabusa / Yes (Paid.)

    5) juvena / ktm200 or vespa 150 / No (Paid.)

    6) edwardthy / S4 / No

    7) Qoo / HONDA CG125 /

    8) Lcp / GSR400 / Yes (Paid)

    9) Eien/Wave125/No (Paid)

    10) Kitty/CBR600/No (Paid)

    11) Ones/DRZ40/No (Paid.)

    12) hanwen/spark135/pending

    13) Replay/XR4/Yes ---- Detail Given (Paid)

    14) Intrepid / Phantom TA200 / No ---- Detail Given (Paid)

    15) Snowolf / fighter / No ---- Detail Given (PAID)

    16) Benbenji / Burgman / No (90292916)

    17) Rodney / CBR 400 / Yes ....

    18) thatone1/Majesty400/ Yes




    Total Pax going : 22


    Let keep the list rolling people... those poor animal need our helps

  6. i don't know about others but for me i try to plan out in advance in my head where i'm going and the roads i'm gonna take..

    so if "Hor-Lan" abit nevermind as long as i remember the important landmarks near the place i'm going.


    example if i wanna go to great world city i remember "agar around" river valley area then go..


    good to remember where the major landmarks in singapore are..


    hope this helps.

  7. its very hot and stuffy in there and makes riders like me feel sleepy so extra care is needed when i use that tunnel.


    i can't avoid it cos its e shortest route to punggol from city hall and i send my gf home thru that route many times a week.


    has anyone feedback to LTA yet ?

  8. ok peeps... i've made a reservation for 12 at Jade Garden


    lunch time at 12pm :hungry:


    Jade Garden

    54 jalan kerisi sg rengit 81620 pengerang johor

    tel: 07-8265460



    hahaha no pork served.. reminds me of RK house!

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