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  1. here just to up the thread http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c110/ravenloft2004/DSC01316.jpg http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c110/ravenloft2004/DSC01303.jpg
  2. I figured that she is a '93 model just a customized tail, however I try to look for signs that the tail was changed and I really can't see any, either it was a limited model ( if there was) or the guy who fabricated the tail is really good. thanks for the welcome sir.
  3. Hi guys, this will be first time I'll be posting in this site, I recently got a second hand Yamaha XJR400 it's says on the registration that it's a 1990 model, AFAIK XJR's were released around '93 so the registration isn't accurate ^_^. I'm from the Philippines and I find the bike really good, better than the Honda Super Four PB1, it's kinda noisy though but from what I heard it's normal since it's oil cooled unlike the PB1, I love how it look big and how it looks old school. Here in the Philippines there really isn't a group/club dedicated to XJR's they rather go for the Honda Super fou
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