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  1. im not Singaporean . .and i still need to able to use my malaysian number. i dont hv a spare phone . thats why im looking for a rental Pocket Wifi
  2. owh hey ! cosplay buddy ! XD i would like to chat with ya .. want info about the sticker ..
  3. if u go Malaysia, alot of mat rempit will be happy to kacau u .. haiz
  4. i like it .. but i like KTM X-bow tho .. then again , i have no money to buy these stuff .
  5. i have one of this at my house . Modenas Kris with two boxes ontop each other. with flags on it , at the sides , .. should seen his car . he repaint his car bumpers with those oil base paint and a brush ..
  6. some bikes electric starter button are orange ... kill switch are red.
  7. how about if a friend of mine with Malaysian car, he only hv those CashCard and went tru ERP gantry . what will happen ?
  8. When i already sold of the bike, the insurance still have another 8 months , can i get refund for the remaining months ?
  9. Its my first time inspection this december. what documents do i need to bring ? my GSXR is stock except crash protector as an add on and custom bracket for the rear plate number/signals.
  10. i ride bikes even before i had my license . haha if learning it for the skill , i advice have a trackbike . learn it there slowly. if you a have time and cash, i think ur parents would allow it.
  11. if you go to KL and Penang (up north) area, they are way more extreme than that .. if u r riding, most of them will have no respect to bikers. no matter what bike. p/s : i like ur camera u used. the one with Gets have KMH displayed. can i know what cam u use ? i need one for my car.
  12. proton is a tin-can with plastic interior .. not only its ugly, first batch Gen2 has problem with alternator .
  13. Does anyone know where can i get those WiFi portable router. The one u put ur Data enable Sim , use the device as a WiFi AP to a few devices. I would like to rent one for just 5 days starting next week. I dont use data on everyday use. These few days is special . I need to update news about an event.
  14. anyone have idea where i can get strong servo but small in size ?
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