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  1. Your spark new cost how much? is it electric or kick start?

    any accident or drop before?

  2. wow... y0s, wana whack wif ur new baby ar? oh... ya la. im very busy de. need to fly here & there. reali got no time for outin. muahaha... hmm~ but will still try to draw some time to mit up wif spark members. oh... y0s ar.. he ridin big moo moo lor... so can whack hard.
  3. wah.. so many ppl wana tk 2a sia. i oso wana tk! ah ger, lets go tk thicker tyres. safer. lolx...
  4. oh.. lolx.. ok. ya. they pretty pretty. mei mei..
  5. wow... all m'sia trip. enjoy guys.
  6. hmmm~ okok la. i still got join e outin hor~ hehe... oh~ A380 is SIA biggest plane lor. im one of e stewardess.
  7. oh... haha.. ic. ok. den go indonesia la. batam's disco. e $ big till u duno how to count. kakaka...
  8. haha.. u 2 too bo liao nth better to do ar? tot u guys reali quarrel. haha.. so how's ur shoppin at mustafa? follow e linin like doin catwalk.
  9. yucks! think only guys hear liao will melt. i hate it~! haha... wow~ how's their club? i nv go leh..
  10. wah... think all can join mi e team of A380 liao. hahaha....
  11. haha... Hei Ma! (black horse) taiwan guys white white de. e gals there pretty. but dun like their voice. kinda ...... (-_-) sounds so fake. haha.. wah.. vote for him got free carb den i oso vote liao. kaka...
  12. chey... i see wrongly la. tot legs will cramp. lolx... Dr busy attending to patients mah... i wana eat A&W waffle.. yeah yeah yeah...
  13. omg.. u duno wat's A&W? its e bear bear makan coner. haha... best in waffle & rootbeer float. rootbeer draught. wow~~~ ellusivelady: yupi.. hehe.. thks for e idea ya. haha... it represent mi. wahaha...
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