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  1. Ups for sale Sent from my LG-H860 using Tapatalk
  2. Last time My bike also same when I start low RPM bike OFF, then idle sound is bit noisy but riding smooth and good pick up Then I check with my mechanic he said XJR sound like that because Natural air cooling bike, then he tune carburetor air screw to make stable the low idle. Now idle run is ok, If ur bike stall for same low idle u ask the mechanic tune the air screw, Then ur timing chain noisy, don't worry about this because timing chain didn't make big issue. Don't spent money for it
  3. Hi I got ASV clutch lever for sale can fix ducati brembo clutch, any one interested pls msg 91831085 Looking for $50
  4. Hi I want to buy Ducati brembo clutch master cylinder, if anyone selling pls call me 91831085
  5. Hi I saw people selling Power Abuser Ignite, which is control the bike ignition and power control. Is it can install XJR 400? If install can get useful pls advise me any people using this equipment ?
  6. Yes bro he cheat me, I have to find good mech and clean and tune carb should be ok bro
  7. Thanks bro ur help will appreciate. They cost me each rubber $48 X 4 & air filter $60, TPS sensor they quote $280.I found they quote too high I check directly auto machinery yamaha dealer about TPS sensor they told me $190 no stock order and have to wait 3 weeks. I have to another mech which u recco. Anyway for help bro
  8. Yup I went to the shop which I bought the bike, they change the new carb to engine rubber, airfilter cost $250,and then they ask me to try but still same problem. mechanic told me maybe carb electronic part (TPS) spoilt, The part price is 280. But I want know that TPS doing what function and if spoilt what will happened the bike or can ride disconnect the TPS wire and use, before spent money to change that because mechanic also not confident.
  9. ohttp://img.tapatalk.com/d/12/10/10/y3adejyz.jpg Hi anyone know what is the electronics part at right side of the carburetor, if this spoilt what will happened on the bike. Pls help advise thanks
  10. Hi all any advice, when I start my bike cold start morning or start 3hrs later my RPM drops low until the bike off. And take few minutes normal. Sometimes take long ride until expressway my bike power sudden cut like petrol choke. But engine gets hotter RPM become 1.5k but not stable up & down. If any one meet before this kind of problem pls advice me thanks
  11. Yup thanks bro, problem settled inside crank shaft oil seal spoilt, now changed and ok already.
  12. http://img.tapatalk.com/d/12/10/04/eqymanyp.jpg Thanks for your help bro, but my bike leaking was at left side below engine got small round cover not engine top cover Below pic for ur reference
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