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  1. hmmmm....awak serious ke tu sume adek adek pompuan awak???? awak jgn tipu ok....saya adalah special private INVESTIGATOR di dalam thread ini. satu bdk kat sini da kena korek ngan saya pasal die trying to be FUNNY Mengapa awak suka letak gambar gambar adek adek pompuan awak kat sini?? Gambar yg first sekali awak letak dekat avatar..adekah betul itu adek awak?? Habis skarang ni yg kat siggy awak??? dan yg kat profile awak?? sume adek awak?? mengapa muka sume lain lain??? mengapa awak register under SBF Lady Riders?? Sedangkan awak ini lelaki?? Mengapa?? Email address pun ade sikit mcm email
  2. no need scared..jus play. i oso slow rider. jus dun think too much and play. but actually i oso prefer weekdays. less people and cheaper..hehe
  3. eat eat eat...smoke smoke smoke....no wonder missed a lot of action shots. hahahaha....next time dun eat dun smoke dun take picture....next time join in for track...heheheheh
  4. GTboy

    Home of CBR600

    wah got leak ah??? hmmm....den must change liau. if not can jus cover with carbon cover casing. try ask motoworld if they hav NRC(if i remember the name correctly) eng/clutch cover casing for cbr6 07. but dis is consider racing parts i guess....not sure whereelse cd get stock honda eng casing. have u tried FJT???
  5. GTboy

    Home of CBR600

    u toking to me? late for wat??? i'm toking about track session dis sun 24th u know. hmmm....y u ask will i be late??? so u joining me for track? or u go with yr frens??
  6. GTboy

    Home of CBR600

    wokey den..hope to see u i use stock tyre before. dunlop sportmax. can play lah, but feel for yrself. dun push too hard if no confidence. change race tyre den push more. i nvr set my suspension. stock setting is so far ok for me. so u cuming dis 24th?
  7. GTboy

    Home of CBR600

    yeah man...a lot....u were there? riding wat bike? so u joining for 24th track session?
  8. u going too eh??? ijo ajak kapa? hehehehehe........cya 24th great...c u 24th too....hopefully track stays open
  9. wah bro...my pic so special ah...got mirror image...hahaha...niway where's the link to yr frenster? wan to steal my pic lah...
  10. huh??? aku suka suka tembak aje...kat tempat keje takde keje...hahahaha...tak tau apa nak buat
  11. kata dulang paku serpih....kata org die melebih.....kotttttt....hehehehehe
  12. frenster???? u post in frenster or here??
  13. ouh u got post pics ah??? haha...i cant view from my work's pc ah. later go back home den view lah. got my pic or not???
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