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  1. Most workshops can re-fiberglass the chipped off parts easily, putty and sand down before spraying. If unable to locate your own workshop, pm me and I can direct you to a couple of places that can do it.
  2. Have a set of stock monster mirrors to clear (and one misfit to give away). Last checked monster mirrors are going for $140+ each. I've just changed my mirrors and have no use for the stock mirrors now. Might have some monster riders out there who are looking to replace their stock mirrors due to age, damage, or just wanting to go back to stock for whatever reasons. Asking for $140 for a pair. One misfit left mirror only to give away. Don't know what brand, but condition is good. Someone out there might have a matching right side. If you have it, show me and i will be happy to give th
  3. Agree. Bike harbor does Ducati exclusively. Good place to go too.
  4. Mine's a 696 but I guess is about the same. For your ref: 1) joyride 2) never monitor but prob quite crappy 3) maintanence is high prob at dealer. Other places like planet motors charge very decent prices 4) never done touring yet but shouldn't be an issue. I have Vespa friends who ride up to Thailand. But don't expect same plush rides like the proper tourers 5) likely more expensive than jap bikes due to economies of scale. No. of jap bikes are higher thus making the availability of parts easier to obtain 6) my other ride is a Vespa ridden daily for the past 18 years 7) makes all the q
  5. No prob. Just sharing my experience with my monster. Heads up: There's someone selling his carbon fibre Termis somewhere in the forum.
  6. My Termis are the stainless steel ones. FC is acceptable. Never really monitored other than I don't think it's really a fuel saver. FC prob sucks. Then again, you don't hear Ferrari and lambo owners talk about FC now, do you? if want good FC, get a spark. If want acceptable FC, be diligent to check tyre pressure and don't scrimp on servicing. Bottom line, we spent so much on the bike already, don't let a few dollars ruin the ride experience!
  7. My bike vibrates quite a bit. Somehow i relate that to the bike telling me it's still alive. I've never had a jap bike before so can't relate. The monster vibrates all across the rev band. Maybe it's the termis.... End of the day, i feel a bike should vibrate. Otherwise one might as well be riding an electric vehicle.
  8. G'day all Ducatisti, finally achieved a schoolboy dream of owning a monster, albeit a humble 08 696. I'm 1.78 tall and i've had people telling me i'm too big for the bike. What do they know..... lol But to be honest, a SF or even a Diavel would be about right for my build but then again, they never had either of these when i was a schoolboy. These other 2 can wait. Till then, that's one more item off my bucket list! For the moment, i'm spending pretty quality time with the bike and ain't gonna stray anytime soon. P.S - the old lady 85 PX has been caught turning her nose up at the new young
  9. 878

    Big Monster vs Small Monster

    My big monster & mini monster
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