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  1. sorry, only noticed that u posted here today.. from what i know got 2 kind of stock handle bars for phantom, earlier ones were using a more straight one (looks like tracke, see http://www.pinterest.com/pin/217509856977247413/ ), the later ones are slightly wider, tapered and swept back like a market auntie bicycle.


    the more swept back one would be more comfortable because you dont have to reach in front so much and easier to sit upright. (ah chong said its more popular also)

    i didnt like it partly because it's more unnatural to countersteer for me especially in lanesplit conditions so i swapped to the shorter one. trade off is that you have to lean forward a bit which i dont mind because it *felt* more nimble to me.


    apologies i dont know the exact size of the bars as i had to get the bars swapped out during my accident, hence got chance to explore between 2 bars. if u worried kena makan, can ask ah chong at planet. i believe he will give you a better opinion on this.

  2. bro do u know which handle bar is the most comfortable on the phantom? i would prefer something wide, but not very wide because later it be difficult to squeeze in cars during journey to work. and whats our handle bar size too!!


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