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  1. right bro.. sorry, it is a personal opinion and i think u misunderstood me.. i'm no HD expert also and i'm not criticising this bike.. i also fully understand that calculations are stringent to balance out the CG and balance of a stock HD.. it is just a first impression i have seeing the actual bike.. sorry if i caused any misunderstand here.. also, i was 1st very interested in the Rocker C.. read up reviews from HD webpage, forums, etc.. nice bike with minimum customising to be done.. my dad himself was drawn to it and we would have bought it if it wasnt for the saddle bag issue.. cannot
  2. I saw 2 Rocker Cs at HD showroom last sat.. i personally feel that the front tyre needs to be bigger to match the rear 240 one.. it looks pretty fragile from the front.
  3. arh~... u are talking abt the Rocker C right? that's softail's new member.. i saw the bike b4.. not bad.. my dad love it and i used to look out for that.. but after seeing the actual bike, i have a second thoughts.. one reason is i cannot mount saddles.. personal opinion..
  4. i agree.. nightrain and fatboy with 200" tyre and Rocker a 240"... i did want to get the Rocker initially.. reason was Rocker C is very close to my ideal look of a "customised" HD.. so i may not start customising until sometime later.. but sunhogs adviced me against it and i find his reasoning makes sense.. that's why i decided to look around 1st and dont make hasty decisions...
  5. haha.. not really.. all this while i wanted a 200" or above tyres.. just that i dont have an idea of which HD to buy... still looking around.. at the same time, can save as much as i can.. urgh... i also dont know can tahan till end of the year or not.. almost everynight can hear the sound of a HD opp my block... urgh!!! i just heard one "galloping" pass....
  6. thanks for the info chis... i have not gotten myself a HD yet.. now hoping to chance upon a good deal.. if not, should be getting one end of the yr using the bonus.. i hope.. the 240 kit u mentioned.. does it include the mentioned items? or on top of the mentioned items?
  7. anyone knows how much a 200 or 220 tyre kit for softail worth? or is there a 220 in the 1st place?
  8. yo.. how come u can find softails so easily?? where did u get the lobangs from?
  9. same here.. but at the moment have to put the plan on hold.. money not enough..
  10. wah!! go there bo jio!!! haiz.. missed by 2 days.. seems like night train is a rare breed here..
  11. yup.. very meaningful conversation.. gave me lots of insights and knowledge.. he even showed me some pics.. including ur fren's bike before it was customed..
  12. went to sunhog today.. christopher widened my views on harley.. i have got lots more to learn...
  13. are these the possible places to find 2nd hand HDs? if not, any ideas where i can go?
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