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  1. if i am not wrong , you buy it at : Vicious Cycles 53 Ubi Ave 1 9001 2352 Ask for my friend Matthew , told it's Yann send you he will for sure give you a good price Hope that help
  2. Hi boss ;-) , have you keep the manual of the 600 Steed you talk about in the topics : All about Steed


    Thanks in advance

  3. I have look around for Chang Jiang , nobody have one and i check with LTA for import they say no way .... Concerning the Ural or Royal Enfield you can import one but will not be so simple and the LTA have some good invoice for you , if you want a side car my recommendation will be to import only the side car and adapt in you selected bike , the LTA agree such mod if it's made in the rule of the art ....
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