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  1. Some pictures from last night's meetup- courtesy of Hidde. Think it's quite clear who's bike get the chics... enjoy! http://www.pbase.com/hiddemans/singapore_fours&page=all
  2. Singapore Vintage Bike Outing Date: 02 Feb 08(Sat) Time: 9.30pm Place: KKFC 1. Marco -cb350f 2. Roger - CB250N 3. Jonathan - CB400 FOUR 4. 5. 6. I have a friend from UK who will be joining us as he will be in town that week. Check out his url: http://www.pbase.com/hiddemans/cb400
  3. Hi Marco- nice wheels. Hope to see the red demon the next time we meet!
  4. Thanks marco- see that you already have one of these- gonna need your inputs in future. To start off, do you have the parts numbers or manual, or does Eversuccess have? I have been searching on the internet for a manual, but seems they only have the one for the older 400s.
  5. hi guys-great to find this thread & like-minded blokes. Appreciate any input here- I got a 10 year old cb400four that needs new spokeys but shops say they can't found any. So does anyone know where I could get a new set or someone who can get it fixed? Thanks in advance.
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