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  1. Dangzzz......cant join. I am working night on the 16th. haizzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. Whoa! This thread is going to be super famous here. Hee! I loike it! But only worried that it may get TS into trouble with his company. Some companies have public affair branch to handle public enquiries. When we asked questions, we should take about it too
  3. To Register, Do this: 1. PM me your SBF Nick Name, Full Name, Email, Years of Riding Experience, Model of Bike Riding Currently Handphone 2. Put in your SBF Nickname below. Class size is limited. We will stop registeration once we hit capacity. Registered Attendees ================ 1. Yappy 2. Weian (Ducati) 3. Xavw (FZ150) 4. Flareon (FJR) 5. CSV (Phantom 200) 6. lnfinity (KRR) 7. Ohayo (Pcx)
  4. Yoz! Bro. Me going to uncharted western side of Perak. Pangkor Island. Here i comeeeeeeeee
  5. Good morning elibodi! In 21 more hours, i will be heading for 3 days 2 nights trip again. I will not be joining Mr Wong ride. Ride safe, guys. Its heartening to see there are no more reports of termi witch hunt nowadays. Seems like the high tide is subsiding. ^_^
  6. Bad move. Ever consider your action might have ripple effect? Imagine throwing a stone into a pond. You chase him. He go fast and drive recklessly. He or you will hit the slower motorists. All these will affect those innocent third party road users. Why is there a need to do all these? When you do this, are you any different from the reckless driver infront of you? My friend was a victim of such devious and irresponsible act. He was on lane 2. There were 2 drivers speeding. 1st driver on Lane 1 overtook him recklessly by mere centimetre and went ahead. 2nd driver on lane 1 attempted
  7. I agree Bro. Take few hundreds as deposit. No need to give face. You are selling bike not selling charity. Put down on the first post that you required 500 as deposit for all those interested to commit into this deal. This will eliminate low ballers and only attract those who are genuine buyers.
  8. Good Morning! Elibodi! May all of you have a smooth day ride out! I have mirror extender red or black for sale. Let me know if any of you want. thanks! ^_^
  9. Bro, cost SGD 65 to have it shipped here. From ebay. Search for keychain camera. Wala!
  10. LOL. So seri-ous? Talk about maturity? Those who raised above level have not mature at all? lol. There must be many inmature/childish people in the working society then. Oh my!
  11. Bro, if you are refering to seletar air base. Sunset grill. Then its not halal certified restaurant.
  12. Wow! The pillion seat is superb high mount.......whoa!
  13. Hahahahaha. I love to troll feed stupid people. LOL. The more you feed them, the stupider they become. Especially those who doesnt wipe clean their mouth after stealing other people cake from the fridge. With the nice whittish cream on their mouth, they just self destructed and lose every ounce of respect they had in every letters they typed. LOL. When finally cornered, they will just bail out of the court room AUTOMATICALLY.
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