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  1. Flac

    Sportsters Riders

    Hello all, anyone has a used crash bar for 2015 883R?
  2. Hi guys, Me too looking for anyone who's keen to meet up and ride! Melvin you keen to meet up for rides?
  3. Hey bro Captain, thanks for the info! I thought of going 219 or Wing Yap cos am new here. Will go this Sat to check it out! Cheers
  4. Hi, does anyone know a good shop which can change seat covers? I'm looking to change my bike seat to a brown colour one. Doesn't have to be cheap, but GOOD workmanship is an important factor....
  5. Flac

    Honda PCX 150

    Hi everyone, have been seeing some posts under PCX 125 regarding PCX 150 coming to our shores by end of August. Called Boon Siew today to ask when the new bike is coming in: They say it's still under negotiations, and it may most likely come in only in the 1st quarter of 2013. Anyone has any latest updates on its arrival or info on the bike, do share it here
  6. Thanks bro Adzz and WarForGe. I just went to see S3 today at KK with my wife. Saw other bikes but seems like S3 is the only one we like very much. And was quoted the following: - 8.8k - free top-box - 1 year warranty - no free EO, helmets, etc Very gian, but I think i can wait a while and ask their offers again if it changes.
  7. Thanks bro. I'll be hitting some of the shops today to ask. Just got my licence a few days ago, can't wait to go for a ride
  8. Hi bro Adzz, Thanks for the reply!! Just realised that you're a driver too. I'm one as well, so I suppose stability is more important for both driver and pillion. A bit fickle minded here, cos the Sym GTS 200 and Joyride are both similar except for the HP. I'm more after aesthetics, so S3 fits my bill more. Will go shop around tmr. May I know - how much did you get for the S3 in all? - Was it difficult carrying a pillion going uphill? (or even up carparks for that matter?)
  9. Hello everyone, I've been checking out this forum for a long while and searching for a suitable bike after my recent 2B TP. No riding experience, but would like a scooter to commute relatively short distances (10km max each journey). No fancy requirements except that it should be (A) Nimble in handling; (B) Not too much maintenance issues (cos I know nuts about bikes); & © Bike is stable for myself and my wife (as pillion) I shortlisted 3 bikes: 1. Aprilia Mojito 2. LX 150 3. Daelim S3 Can anyone enlighten me as to the differences in these bikes - as for those who have tried at least 2 of these bikes? Many thanks!!
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