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  1. Registered July 2015 Low mileage at 29,600KM I am the 1st owner All servicing by Mah Motors Always sheltered and covered S$17,000 Negotiable with sincere buyers Might be traded in to shop soon Accessories: Madstad height adjustable 2 pc windshield Madstad side deflectors Windshield spoiler R&G aluminium radiator guard R&G Signal lights R&G Handlebar sliders ROX risers SW Motech crash bar Triumph original engine crash bar Bosch Grave Basso Low Twin horn Blue CNC Foldable levers Triumph Original fog lights Aftermarket fog lights Triumph Original headlight pro
  2. umm.... you didn't leave your number. And to put it clear, it is only the disc kit that comes without the brake caliper and pump or any other linkages to connect up.

    But I have a piece of metal fixture supposed to be used on a Garris brake pump. I was using a Racing Boy new model rearset, so it didn't fit.

    There is no delivery provided as well. Collection location is at Seng Kang after office hour. Thanks.

  3. Hey guys,anyone have any idea what's the price and quality difference between Taiwanese n Japanese Yuasa 11.8Ah battery for fazer1?My Jap Yuasa batt which I bought for 500RM is hospitalised in Lim batt. I've been thinking to get a $50 batt from LAB or $80 Taiwan Yuasa or import lithium batt to try on my ride.Heard lithiums cannot be charged like electrode batt by our rectifier.Any idea?
  4. Pardon me for my poor memory....missed these 2 pieces as well.....
  5. I think you were busy picking up the wonderful beers and drinks cartons...Lol
  6. Opps....i almost missed out the group photo.
  7. 3 Cheers to the students who sacrificed their weekends for charity and this event! Anyway, I'm not blaming the curiosity of the students when they mounted a few of the bikes or the "feel". Just keep in mind that not all bike owners are gracious for their "babes" to be mounted by others... Good job guys!
  8. My own Fazer (Of Course not forgetting myself)and other Fazers belonging to the crew.
  9. 3rd part of the SBF 9th Anniversary convoy
  10. pardon me for some repeated ones....
  11. only 6 pieces per post.....damn
  12. here goes. And apologies for those Fazerians that I did not manage to capture.
  13. Yep....its mine. I'm one of the crew there as the photographer. I'll be uploading some shots of the Fazerians soon. The only group which I took several pictures of. Pardon the poor pictures as I've to rush here and there.
  14. Interested in 17" voltex jap rims?Its hyper black n comes with bridgestone adrenalin RE001 205/45/17.$550 cash n carry.I'm using it on my white airwave as well.PM me.
  15. The rectifier survived alright.This has nothing to do with the battery or rectifier as it always happen on Honda bikes.Its a common fault on Fazer1000 and R1.So be cool,no worries on Hornets.
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