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  1. helo how r u

  2. lolx...simei ite one...haha...

  3. er.. forget liao.. psps..

  4. hey..rmb me?? how r u n ur sis?? still riding these days??

  5. Im riding a Fino..

  6. wat bike u riding?

  7. hello to you too...

  8. hihi, Still remember me ? last time with pig head girl one. Btw what bike u riiding now ? So long nv see u at dam liao.

  9. SP is it NSR 150 ? Who is the one that on the pics that you posted....

  10. sianz later got test again.. at 3-4 sianz till siao.. dono can pass anot.. haiz~
  11. ya lo ya lo.. me from bootes ozzar from cass rite ? >"
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