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  1. Bro, we using whatapp to arrange ride n kopi session now. If u interested I can add u in.
  2. dave48

    Harley Riders gather

    can always shop online for parts...many choices n cheaper too.
  3. Yes, this coming sunday 25Aug. Bring passport n riding gears.
  4. Ok. Will add u in the link.
  5. Welcome, hope to see u around sometime. Msg us for riding la. In group riding running in faster. Haha
  6. Yeah. Welcome guys. Well I have already send out the invite to them to our chat group. Ride safe.
  7. Welcome back to riding again. Ride safe
  8. Nice bike u got there. I'm sure u will enjoy the ride. Ride safe.
  9. You can try de xing motor for Harley loan. As for maintain a Harley just the same as any class 2 bike. Only the customising part is expensive. Fyi. There is an sportster 883L on sale in the forum now. Maybe u can check it out.
  10. Still depending which model u choose. 883 low or 883 iron? Best is to go HDS to check it out, and test ride the bike u like. Or can choose a 1200cc. Price also very close
  11. If I'm not wrong the 883 should come with 12L tank.
  12. Bro, u can join us for kopi or short ride with or without HD.
  13. Yeah man. Nice ride. Looking forward for the next ride.
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