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  1. Anyone selling your Z1000SX 2014 and above version? I'm looking for 1, pls pm me
  2. Hi guys, may I know is the stock tyre that comes with the bike good enough for SG road and also on wet road? I remember 1 of my previous bike have a damn lousy stock tyre that will skid on me on wet road, so I'm abit conscious now.
  3. Woah! That's sounds great.
  4. What is the difference between SX and DX?
  5. Tkx for the advice.
  6. Thinking of letting go my Jan 2016 Sportster 48. Interested parties, pls pm me for more info.
  7. Hi guys, I'm thinking of getting a PCX but I've some concern if the bike will feel too stressful to take on the rider with pillion on highway traveling around 90KM/h? This bike comes with a wonderful feature idle stop but is it true that if using the idle stop function will reduce the lifespan of the battery?
  8. Why is it that the meter is in miles and not KM?
  9. Hi Moderator,


    I am looking to sell my bike on this forum however I don't have the permission to post new thread. Could you please help me out here?


    Thank you!

  10. Keen to trade in with a Harley Sportsters 48 Reg on Jan 2016.
  11. Hi mod, I would like to post for a sale of my bike. Would appreciate if you could grant me the access to make the post thanks.

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