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  1. Good to know you are still trying! It won't be easy but I am very sure once you pass you will enjoy the thrills that comes along with riding! Especially if you go overseas and have a chance to do some leisure riding... You'll see sights you will never see when in a car. Even in Singapore... You'll prob smell durian along the expresswaysí ½í¸‚ Keep up the spirit!
  2. Frankly, i don't think they mind if you are in full control of the bike... BUT you don't want to show the instructors the speedy side of you so soon do you? Remember the police advertisment... Speeding is the number one killer... I would prefer to take it easy until you finish pract 7 hehe... Cr can do anything u wan...
  3. Have fun! Relax your body and learn to use the rear (foot) brake. At slow speed its better for keeping your balance. Front brake makes the bike stop too abruptly. Master the biting point and rev the engine higher while holding the clutch in gear 1. These are the key points for 1 prac
  4. This below is for ssdc format. Not sure about other schools, Theory is own time own target, and anyway one lesson only... You can start practical together with theory. Just make sure you complete it before passing the practical assessment. Practical is only 2 classes. 1 & 2. Pract 3 is assessment. So basically prac 1 is to learn, pract 2 is for you memorise the route. After that you can do circuit revision until u are comfortable with the bike. Pass prac 3 and book tp. Latest tp dates can be found online... Usually is 4-8 weeks. Depending on the crowd during that time.... When i g
  5. Machine price is not omv... Unfortunately... so if u lose a new bike... Insurance only pays omv... Hehe... 8000 is the estimated new coe... Hopefully it will come back down soon.
  6. Let's do some maths Machine price of S4 ~$16,000 50% tax for omv ~9,000 = $750 (1st 15%) + $2000 (calculation = ($9000 omv- $5000 1st15%)*50%) = 2750 = 16000+2750+8000 = $26,750. Dealer needs to have some profit, so... Add about 500-1000... Addinsurance, road tax, registration plate... Yeah about 30k. Pasted some links here. The omv is in feb 17... So the arf charged is the old price. https://www.lta.gov.sg/content/dam/ltaweb/corp/PublicationsResearch/files/FactsandFigures/MC_Cost_Update.pdf https://www.lta.gov.sg/content/ltaweb/en/roads-and-motoring/owning-a-vehicle/costs-of-o
  7. Haah.. I was wondering too... Usually no sound means either got it already... Or gave up?
  8. Prac 5 is the first time you go on the public road. Primary assessment criteria is confidence in handling, road awareness and safety checks. If you get those right, you can pass it even if its your first time. Instructors are there to make sure you ride safe and well before they clear you. They are not there to fail u to delay your progress so the school can make more money. í ½í¸
  9. As long as the PSB sticker is on your helmet, you can use it. But, as a new rider learning personally i think a full face helmet will need some time getting used to. And its alot hotter... And blocks out sound better... Which mean you cannot hear the instructions as well... My advise, get a cheap $40 dollar helmet with the psb stickers to learn. Once pass already, reward yourself with a nice full face helmet.
  10. Wah been a while since i came on. Hi to all new 2b students, ride safe! Its better to clear them in sequence as it helps u understand better. But you can do 2,4,3,1... Doesnt matter as long as you do it.
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