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  1. Caroselllllllllllll i saw 2 listed there. Good luck! ride safe!
  2. Can ask income whether you can pay 18 months insurance instead? Pretty sure they can do that instead of 6months...hehee
  3. Haha congrats!!! Welcome to the monster class class 2 in Sg is really a little overkill. Go easy on the throttle when u get your bike yeah. Else you’ll need to go back to school again... like from 2B if you know what I mean. i remember I spent like 400++ I don’t remember there were so many bike simulators lessons thou. I remember only one time... I did take a few more circuit revision because the wait to the test date was so long.
  4. Personally, I think you must love the bike you're going to buy. whether its from a personal seller or a shop. If it does not make your heart pitter patter a little... Then walk away from it. Whether you're buying from personal seller or shop you have to prepare 1-2k spare cash just to cater for the servicing and minor repairs. Alot of dealers do minimal maintenance on their "trade in" bikes... so don't expect those to be in tip top condition. You need to check and make sure. There are some more decent dealership who would be more honorable and sometimes it comes down to your own personal
  5. I was looking for a good starting bike when i started out. Eventually i got a TA200 with one of those bigger exhaust pipe I think its a TA200M. Maintenance wise its a dream because its so easy. But the older the bike the more you need to pay attention to how much work you wanna put into it to make it safe for riding. I would recommend u bring it to Planet motor Ah Chong and have it checked out. He's prob work on 100001 TA and CB400 in his whole life haha... and he's is super decent. But he's super busy as well... because everyone goes to him. 2 things I want to caution you before y
  6. 100% true if you buy a used bike and have it under "lay up". For the new bike, you may be able to workout a deal with the dealership to hold off getting the COE until he is about to take the test or after he passed. Usually they take about 3 days to process the COE if they have some on hand.
  7. Short Answer : Yes, you can buy aka pay for the bike first. But the ownership and insurance will only be to your loved one or love one. You cannot own a bike before getting a license. TLDR: Buying a used bike, you can do a "Layup" with the bike shop meaning the bike would be parked in the shop and cannot be used on the road until its removed from that status which is when he gets his license. So this bike is like showpiece at this moment. Bad thing about this is while the bike is on layup status the COE is still running. so if he doesn't pass soon the clock will keep ticking.
  8. Looking at the road and the sign, it just doesn't make much sense thou. At such a small junction, why only vehicles >= 2500kg (7 seats fully loaded? up to 3000kg? Lorry,truck,bus, and trailers) can turn? From the amount of cars coming doesn't look like a loading/unloading road which is purely made for commercial use. Anyone has any idea why?
  9. While I agree 2A is more than adequate for our roads eg CB400 was already like enough back when i had it... Its more for like a "dream" to ride a vrroom bike while the wife can pillion type so a class 2 is something I want to have at this point of time. Bigger bikes also have more heat to deal with usually... the dilemmas hahaha
  10. do more revisions to kill the waiting time hahaa... I remember i went almost everyday just before the test date just to get me to be very familiar with more bikes before the test. have a few numbers you're familiar with so the clutch, throttle and engine doesn't throw u off on the actual test. Good luck!!
  11. haha... still its super scary... I didn't upgrade to a higher CC bike back then just because i know confirm will accidently accelerate too much when overtaking some cars in the xpress way. vrooooom
  12. yeah no need to put P plate for 2A and 2. Unless its class 4 or 5 which is a new class. But yes... 12 points only. I couldn't believe my ears so I asked alot of people and even verified with the examiner there. So it is confirmed. Once you get your 2A or 2 you have 12 points only for a year. Very scary hahaha accidently go past 1 red light and its over
  13. hahaha i also uncle class liao... back cannot tahan... but did u see the R6... wah too sleek liao... cannot tahan hahaaa but in singapore ride that ... i think my pocket also cannot tahan the summons... hahaa
  14. why do i feel like i know you... Does Weapons sound familiar? sweet bike too!
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