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  1. Brake pad, can go motoworld to change SBS.. not costly and braking power is there.
  2. Do you have any group for bol dor?. Rcently get my bol dor.
  3. Does anyone know where i could get touratech items?.
  4. Okay, Thanks thanks =D
  5. I went to M-technik at Paya Ubi. Able to install without issue. =D
  6. wow~ good to see that still so much SP around~
  7. Hi, I am new to GSA, just gotten one with me. 2015 model.. =D
  8. We will contact you today. Thanks.

  9. Hi. BIKE production. I would like to know that do you do a reloan for honda nsr sp. Plate is FQ 7017 X. My number 9005 3326. Can call me between 3 to 5. Thank alot in advance.

  10. We will contact you today. Thanks.

  11. Hi Bike Production.


    Does You do re loan for class 2b bike as lay out bike?

    Contact me @ 9005 3326 prefer SMS.

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