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  1. Hi bro ur tomok still available? Where you stay?

  2. Hi bro.. My machine price was ard 22k.. I got it 2nd hand though.. As for which year of manufacture it really varies if ur talking about 2nd hand coz theres no way u cud tell.. unless ur really dat good at looking at the condition of the bike.. All i can say is if ur buying 2nd hand try to find that is almost brand new for example a bike thats only bout 1-3 years old.. Or if u have the cash den juz buy brand new.. Save u all the trouble.. Gd luck on ur search.. :thumb:

  3. hello there bro,i learnt from hayabusa thread tat u are riding a gen 2 busa,hmm i dont own a busa though but i would really love to get 1 prolly in 2 or 3 mths time,n i have a few questions to ask

    -how much is your machine price?

    -which yr of manufacture wud u recomend to prevent any major problems on the bike?

    thanks bro:)

  4. Haha.. Kongasam!! Well depends la bro.. I tink if ur married betta to use the money to buy a car.. More practical but if got lots of money to spent buy both oso can.. Haha
  5. i tink it shudnt be a problem as long as ur using stock silencers.. if u really unsure juz ask bikeshop to send la..
  6. After a gd 1/2 hr dat rubber thingy finally came off.. haha.. wd40 do work wonders i must say.. thanks for all the tips guyz.. dats y i luv singaporebikes.com so much.. so many helpful ppl!!
  7. Michelin Pilot Power 120/70-17 + 190/55-17: $329.00 Is this available at toh guan branch??
  8. Earlier today i tried to remove my windshield to replace it but after i unscrew the 2 screws holding it, i tried to remove the rubber thingy in the hole to no avail.. Damn tight la.. Anyone got any idea how to remove that rubber or did i miss out anything else?? im riding gen 2 btw..
  9. hehe.. den juz use back silencer.. it shud quiet it down abit..
  10. u can go bhh rent bike la.. haha hey master planner.. plan outing ley.. if previous owner uses racing fibre yes it is damn loud!! haha.. the sound is shioookneessss!! arghhh!! i miss my lv ah!!!
  11. Where got u sms me?? I sms u never reply.. Standby letter frm lta sua.. Hehe haha.. Theres more u can do if wanna make it louder bro..
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