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  1. Hi bro, I will be riding up Hatyai on 30th 2300 hours reaching Sadao in the morning of 31th January. Hope we can ride together!

  2. If I'm interested in the oil filter, pls call me at 83994567

  3. Hi Bro,


    I don't mind meeting up for kopi...after I come back from my trip from Phuket...haha

    Anyway, I don't usually travel super fast when in a group...always try to be the "sweeper"...meaning I usually stay in the last roll.

    Even though I ride the "world's fastest production bike", doesn't mean I have to travel at 300km (already tried @ 310km on my Gen 1 Hayabusa though), being a "sweeper" in a group means I keep a lookout in case anyone of us fall behind while riding or some technical fault with their bike and suddenly slow down...at least I am behind so that I could help out. (There was this incident when 1 of the S4 chain broke off...I tow his bike using my Busa along the NSHW...)


    Anyway, here is my contact if you need to jio me for anything ~ 96548698




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