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  1. Morning guys/gals of Yamaha Tmax 530, I just bought my bike (2017 editiion) few months back with very low mileage and it's in tip top condition. I'd need to service and accessorize my bike. Can anyone suggest any bike shop specializing in maxi scooters. I heard few of my friends suggesting A.C. Motors. Anyone experience servicing there can recommend? Your contribution is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, I'm planning to buy super scooter by next month and confused to choose between T-MAX 530 DX & Kymco AK550. Anyone can share their experience with these bikes? My main question is: 1) Does Kymco has re-sale value if i plan to sell off after few years. I know Yamaha has re-sale value. 2) Any issues if I go touring with with either bikes to Malacca, KL? 3) I like Kymco storage below seat, can fit 2 full face helmet but no cruise control, whereas in T-MAX can fit only one helmet and bit of extra space but has cruise control which I prefer. 4) How's the petrol consumption for
  3. Hi bro. Just wanna check how's AK500 Kymco. I'm planing to buy a scooter too. But confused between Kymco & Yamaha T-Max 530 DX. Any feedback on Kymco so far? Thanks.
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