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  1. -- 1. Too long to explain. I think you should google this one. 2. No fuel gauge. So you have to just go with the "feel" of the bike. The reserve tank lights up when there is about 3L left in the tank. You get used to it after a while. 3. The tank is about 15L in total. You get about 13-14~ km/l so that makes it = about 200 - 220km or so. 4. Yes it is quite easy to maintain and you can get the parts easily in most shops or online. I usually get mine from FJT here at Rowell Road. Parts are not that expensive. Can't tell you exact maintenance cost because every bike varies when it com
  2. Hi are you looking for one still?
  3. Hi are you still looking? I have a cbr1000 2008
  4. Hi, could you pm OTS for zx10r and cbr1000? Thanks
  5. hi currently have cbr1000 2008 model (til June 2018). interested?
  6. Hi I have cbr1000 2008 model. Are you still looking
  7. Hi I have. Are you stll looking?
  8. hihihihihihihi

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