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  1. ..curiously read.. anyhow. Whats a CBX750 doing in jurong island
  2. I am looking to buy a carb model cbr1100xx If youwould like to message me if there's one for sale.. please let me know at 9730 6730 19dohc
  3. Can you post this thread for me:


    Easily hit 110kmh-140kmh.Daily use Honda CB250-N.

    COE Renewable.Consumption about 40km/litre.

    Monthly oil change. Accident-free. New brake pump kit, steering cone & bearings, battery, brake/clutch/speedometer cables, bulbs and starter set. Good daily use.Hessitant to export the motorcycle but have received requests.


  4. Dear Admin, can you remove the Advertisers' H-D pop-up and revert the bike art we page to the older version...?

  5. I have a rust accumulation over the right outer spark plug due to rain water and no cleaning by previous owner. Know how to remove the rust and plug without rust falling into cylinder ? Any mechanic you know can do it ? Thanks.

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