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  1. Upzz Full service done + new Tyre
  2. $7500 neg COE Sept 2023 Mileage :30k km FC: 28-29km/l Full tank @13L/380km Roadtax and inspection done till next year All orignal Tools/manual book and masterkey acc: New Model YSS suspension,led Foglight with flashing mode,Bottle Holder,SHAD 48L box Full Service Done @ 9 Aug 2016,Belt+roller+plug+EO+gear OIL,New rear Tyre Can PM View At Outram
  3. Selling Backrest and Hard Pannier,Kindly refer http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/426441-Hard-Pannier-and-Backrest?p=8279322#post8279322
  4. lol....do it the old style....i tilt the bike to the right for mayB 30sec and den give a good kick....sure start...same like pulling the choke...try this see if it helps
  5. any simple foglights to recommend?cus my headlight not tt bright so tot of installing a foglight at the bottom thus better visibilty of the road....budget ard $50....
  6. wha like tt also..can ar....steal batt and woofer,+ front seats.... sorry abt ur loss...and congrats on getting back the car...at least engine is there hehehehe....
  7. actually the bigger the bike better,the s4 easier to do the pylom thingy..lol,using the cb750 abit hard,den in fact it shld be easier due to the stabilty of the bike,1nce u go and prac,can liao...
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