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  1. Too technical to answer. Go to any trustworthy mech is the solution.
  2. I heard someone is selling his K at $3.5. WOW?!
  3. In this case then, go look for a Honda CM125. Dual exhaust n very easy to mod.
  4. Before u sell or scrap yr CG, can i have some of the parts from yr CG; its for my brother actually.
  5. Wow! The Tour sound exciting!!!! C u guys at the Dam.....and pls dun forget to bring yr insurance n p-plate for the new kids.
  6. Sent RXK back to the shop and ask him to rectify the problem. If all fail, sent to it Joon Seng Motor at Yew Tee Industrial Estate where i always do my bike.

  7. Hi bro,


    My younger bought an RXK from a shop along Hamilton Road... The moment he rode rhe bike, there was vibration at the front wheel at a certain high speed, braking for front is not 100%, rear braking total failure, throttle is not responsive and it will not return back to original position after twisting it thus revving it.


    Can you help us or lead us where to re do the bike proper so it's road worthy...



  8. U want to mod yr K into Cafe Racer style? U can meet me and the others. We will gladly help u out. PM me yr contact number and real name. This kind of things cannot ask at forum. Trade Secret.

  9. Hello!


    I'm going to be doing a photoshoot for Prestige magazine next Tuesday and I'm looking for a vintage soft-tail chopper to be a part of the shoot.


    Would you have any or know anyone who might be keen?



  10. hey dude, where can i find a tw200? im finding hard since hitler was killed! can you guys help me out? sms me at 81945597. thanks lots!!!

  11. I noe u dun like tat shop for some reason. So if u got other shop to recommend the newbies, pls do so. I have a shop tat i frequent tat give me special price. Let the newbie learn. I n the others will not spoon feed them. I dun even noe their faces or real name. U dun give strangers vital info do u?

  12. i done tat before to my RXK. U just need a Clubman and some alteration to the bike seat. The look will be similiar but not exactly. It is legal.
  13. I think he need a Firestone tyre which not available in S'pore.
  14. Oi! tak keje ke?

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