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  1. hi, i have more the 50 posts and been a members for years, y am i still unable to post in garage sales?

  2. bro can it fix to spark 135?

  3. okaaayyy care to educate to which wire is this?
  4. uppzzzz for the effort!!!! makes me really miss my s4...
  5. welcome to the dark side hahahaha

  6. s4 da jual bro..skarang bawak fz1s

  7. aiseh.. 82225214.. hang maseh bwk s4 ka?

  8. eh wat, aku lupe save no kau kat iphone aku. nnt kasi aku no kau k? mane tau nk isi minyak kat jb ke..bole tag along..

  9. pipe aku pat chicken little tapi da repacked.. Tuan baru nye seram ah haha
  10. dlm punggol marina? Sblah mane? Tk nmpk pn.. Charges? Catch rate? Da trx? Didiiiiii!!!
  11. I realised a major blunder that i overlooked.. All this while I tot the convoy was on sun as the lucky draw is on that day.. With due respects, esp to Charles, my gf n I have to pull out for tmrw's event, both working tmrw morning.. :cry: going to miss an eventful history with 30+ fazers.. Take lotsa pics hor den i cn photoshp myself in haha
  12. sky hotel within bkt bintang vacinity, cheap new hotel very good security, the guards immed wld go dwn n check when they hear our engines on to see who starts the bike..
  13. huh? I need to fwd to who? Nvm i gt my free company issued line haha tentatively wht time are we moving off?
  14. Calling all folks riding fazer be it fz6, fz8 or fz1 who are keen to attend SBF anniversary event at the *SCAPE Orchard on the 15 Jan 2011, we are specially allowed a convoy into the premises with designated parking lot ($1 payable at gantry) for this event, hence we need not worry of no parking space! date: 15 Jan 2010, Saturday meet-up location: Lavender Food Center meet-up time: Morning 1000 hrs http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/attachment.php?attachmentid=186702&d=1292294753 destination: *SCAPE Orchard Do input in your name, nick & details into the below list i
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