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  1. FQ136G Open for trade or offer I'm interested in A series 2 digit plate.
  2. hey there, im letting go of a m400, if ure interested, call me @ 81682419 for more details.

  3. Any fellow monster 400 care to share some experience by meeting up? I can't find anyone on the road so I have got no idea how it should sound like, how different mirrors look on the bike.. Etc
  4. Hi everyone, I recently got myself a monster 400 and it requires quite some touch up to be done. Would just like to know if minerva is charging a premium price compared to other workshops around. Or anyone has any recommendations around? I'm staying in the north so would prefersomewhere more aaccessible. Sorry if this is a repeated question. Too many pages in this thread.
  5. every 3 days go jb

  6. hey there which day of the week do u usually go to jb for petrol?

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