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  1. Hello whats the cheapest Cub bike you have? e.g wave, x1, etc Coe at least 3yrs. Min downpayment. 30yo 10yrs riding
  2. I use this cheap and good tested at speeds ard 160-170km/h works ok... http://www.gpsnow.com/garmin_010-11023-00.htm Bought from sim lim square the so called garmin authorised dealer for $25.
  3. Hi whats the difference between the Titanium dual port and Col-titanium dual port? Colour only right? Can quote me Titanium dual port price and when the Col-titanium dual port coming in? Both street legal? For Vtec 1 Thanks
  4. Hi, i am interested to see that you mounted your phone GPS to your phantom. How did you do it? can tell me in details? Got another forummer also interested to know.


    How to make it waterproof? Also, would people steal your mount after you parked your bike? Thanks.

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