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  1. Don't have the pics for the 400cc category???
  2. If its at port dickson, y the guy riding the blue S4 wearing bermuda and slippers???
  3. Yes! It is called Berjaya Hills Resort, Colmar Tropicale. 4.5Hrs sure can reach the Resort. For free flow of traffic go by Exit 214 Nilai Utara(KLIA) towards Ipoh. Then Exit 108 Bukit Lanjan travel towards Jalan Duta Toll Barrier-Exit 111 Jalan Duta. Then follow the route 2 to Genting Highlands. U will reach Genting's foot 1st. After 13km of travel then Exit 805 Berjaya Hills Resort, Bukit Tinggi. Travel about another 36km then u arrived at Colmar Tropicale, Bukit Tinggi.
  4. Yah bro...So I dnt waste $$$ in petrol, time and leave by travelling to & fro lots of time in the long run. 1 Trip at least 2-3 places. Den fine 1 gd place to accomodate, eat and shopping!!!
  5. I'm not saying i'm not free bro....I have my trips Lining up too bro....Sorry... March End: Cameron Highlands. July End: Sadao-Penang-Putrajaya Oct End: Fraser's Hill-Bukit Tinggi-Shah Alam Dec: ?????? That's y....like not free like that....heheheheh
  6. Wah! Heard that sum1 wants to go Bukit Tinggi sia!!!
  7. Anyone interested pls pm me for the following items: 1) Black Bagster Tank Bra For Spec3 SOLD Euz 2) Black Arrow Hugger with Red on the arrow SOLD Triple X 3) BMC Air filter SOLD Ah Jian 4) Honda Genuine Oil Filter Made In Usa (Blue In Colour) BOOKED Xdir 5) Voltmeter (round analogue) + Casing SOLD Xiange 6) 3 Black Grounding Wire BOOKED ZAX 7) Alarm + 2 remote (Not 2 way) 8) Silver Fork Brace SOLD Euz 9) Showa shock absorber (Exchange) Used: 1 yr+ BOOKED arsonist 10) Blue Fork preload adjuster (Exchange) BOOKED Euz 11) 2 Rattle Switch (like aeroplane switch) Carbon Fiber and Re
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