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  1. Last of the carburetted KTM Duke. Light weighted (145kg dry) and more than enough torque to keep your smile on your face. Great city ride, nimble, fast from the start and amazing carburetted thumper sound which makes it more of a character ride than the efi successors. Unaffected by NEA ban. Stock bike with: Brembo brakes Magura clutch WP fully adjustable suspension Marchesini wheels Steel braided lines Updated Silver engine without the issues of the earlier LC4, and with high flow heads. Some upgrades: FCR carburetor Brembo RCS brake master cylinder New silicone radiator hose set
  2. Yup. Only one in SG. It's a sup-upped F800 engine. Any shop who can handle the F series should be capable, and I'm not talking about PML. I have the official owner's and workshop manual, as well as the parts list to take care of those items that are unique to this model. Parts can be ordered online or via KTM agent. Stripped the bike down and "restored" it. No problem so far. Ah Seng at Mayo street most of the hard work
  3. A supermotard with Italian flair and German engineering. Dual Brembo M40 monobloc, fully adjustable Sachs and Ohlins with height setting. Offset crank for that V-twin sound and power. Outstanding fuel economy for its class. On-the-fly dual map setting. No unnecessary electronics to breakdown and worry about. Need not worry about parts and workshop either. Bike is stock except for mirrors, full bike glass coating, and protection accessories. You should do your research but you have to see the bike with your own eyes and hear with your own ears. Sweet. COE expiration date: 24 Sep
  4. This is built to be a go-anywhere bike. Simple machine with aircooling and a carburetor. Large fuel tank with storage options. Upgraded suspension, brakes, traction, handling, and comfort. TUV approved so no hassles with local authorities. Original paint, good running and clean condition. This is not a show bike. Racetech Gold valve emulator, Wilbers shocks Black 19/17 wheels with aluminum hubs and Stainless Steel spokes, Fork brace, Magura hydraulic clutch, Speed Merchant bash plate, IMS Superstock pegs w pads, Mooneyes air filter w K&N filter SS breather bolts and chrome bracket, B
  5. Selling my DualSport bike built from a Harley 1200R Roadster. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/427679-The-SRAMSTER And a bunch of parts to clear. http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums...parts-for-sale Thanks for looking.
  6. Hi, Looking for Harley Windshield Docking Hardware Kit Part Number 58164-96 for 39 mm fork. PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.
  7. bro.. Ur drz stuffs still available?

  8. Anyone got an inspection letter in the post for a bike you have not ridden for a while? Got a registered letter to inspect my harley which I have not ridden for well over 2 months, covered in MCP. Would like to discuss some details with you if you don't mind. Please PM me
  9. This is neat. Watch out for the "LED version" part as stated in the ad. Since they have a bulb and led version, it does not depend on your stock turn signal module, which means, it should not be universal. Different bikes has different electrical schematic for the turn signal (hazard) circuit, unless it splice straight to the front and rear signals. Check your manual or the included instructions on where to splice the wires to. I would think an easier way to do this is do a bypass of the left side signal switches. Tap the flasher power going to the left controls to your hazard switch,
  10. Yup, wanna be special Not yet, still awaiting reply from LTA. Not sure if I'll get if I can't sell the Muzzy. A lot of money.
  11. Don't! Because I'm getting it Seriously, are you? I got the cert from Fresco and have just wrote to LTA about it. Let's hope it gets approved.
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