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  1. clocking a post in 2018. LOL whoever is still here. HELLO
  2. hi, i have 2 brand new helmets wanna sell off fast, they are those funky and i think it suit girls more. i have no other agenda but to sell off those helmet away. if u have frds who might be interested, u may add me in msn, i can show u thr msn. thank you. msn: [email protected] (sorry i cant post in the buy/sell section yet) ;(

  3. still ridding alone??

  4. upz for de outing! :thumbs: will see whether im able to make it or not i bet those animals will love to have you as their dinner. yes, nothing wrong, the third world is eating barks from trees too, why aren't you eating it? where are we now? if you havent get back here, read here *Wave* we are in. SINGAPORE. so wad if other countries are eating it? yes, it maybe a delicacy to them, since those countries are poor, cant afford those processed meat sold in market, of cos they have to hunt on their own. unless you say you are poor. den im speechless. otherwise, both of
  5. how they know pretty ger w jacket, jeans, shoes, glove n full face? duh.
  6. dun jus say ppl with p plate or wad. i ever seen bigger cc bikes, at traffic light. try to bully my xiao mian yang.
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