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  1. will take note of that...if u still keen on shooting up north, there is another ride to cameron in 1st wk of sept. got a few 2b bikes following also.
  2. 1. Gr8White (ETV1K) 2. Replay (XR4) 3. ckchin 4. 2wheels 5. B_E_N (S4) 6. Stn 33 Heng (SW400) 7. Heng Friend1 8. Heng Friend2 9. Bpotr & Kuniang (DR650) 10. wne12R (Fz6S2) 11. zewei+pillion(fz6) 12. zewei friend+pillion (gs1150) 13. Choon seng+ pillion ( bubusasa) 14. Dajiro (CBR600RR) 15. Alan_See (GS1150) 16. happy125 (xjr) 17. Ryanryanryan (sp) 18. Replay Friend GL1800 19. Replay Friend S2R 20. astrorion + wife (FZ1) 21. bikez + pillion (s4) 22. CAS+pillon(STX) 23. Redhotchilli (ST11) 24. Encik Pat (GS650) 25. Andrew (CBR600RR)
  3. TS is pillioning his gf. I guess the itenary might change since there is no 2B bike tagging along (I assume since TS took away Dily's name out). Do meet up 2mrw for the details
  4. I'm up for this wkend no preference for timing
  5. Will be there bro. Msg me if there's changes
  6. Hi smoothie...plan is to go on saturday morning 1am. Take nshw to kl. Breakfast n lunch in kl. After lunch we take e8 to cherating(or telok cempedak) n stay over for the night. Sun morning after breakfast, take coastal route back to sg. If we can reach Kota tinggi area by 6pm...might have dinner at desaru n go back sg by new highway. For exact details, TS will post 2mrw or over the wkend.
  7. can count me in bro bottlecap? do pm me if u have local meetup or in gp esso. for me, prefer riding at night...less heat, bt sleepy only
  8. no worries...can always pm me if those on the list backed out due to trip delayed
  9. Hi mr pat...can join for the durian trip? If got slots lah
  10. Yo bro...I am willing to go up north. Y nt take the national day wkend? Riding a litre bike. Do pm me if u wanna meet up n discuss.
  11. I'm keen to go (any route, any speed), but can only make it on the following week, 9 July wkend.
  12. Hi...I'm interested to join. Going solo. U guys have a meet up here locally b4 going?
  13. Hi, interested in ur r6.

  14. if the hornet in bbdc and the zeal(now no more) in cdc are the same bike, then that bike(hornet) is better in terms of doing the courses. i tried both the zeal and xjr. but zeal main problems is that the bike kena abused so much, the gear levers sum bent, rusty etc.
  15. i took my tp at cdc. after pass, tried s4. to me it handles better than xjr. mayb due to the handle bar position. then again, the xjr there are brand new, bike wont die on u, usually. neway its ure call. (btw ubi and bukit batok on two ends of singapore, better to choose one near home...save petrol )
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