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  1. I finally bought a Beemer. Better late than never, huh???
  2. Clearing the cobwebs to this derelict thread...
  3. Memang semua masih hidup. Cuma ikut haluan masing-masing saja...
  4. bro i just bought a r1 2010 model...i realised that the firstgears when i engage and throttle seems very jerky....is it a clutch problem, jerky throttle or me jerky acceleration problem? or is it normal?


    first class 2 bike and am pretty new...is there any grps i can join on fb or anything else to dscuss ard or something? thx :) [email protected]

  5. Hi can add me [email protected] to the R1 facebook group?

  6. xindes

    Hi Aie,


    Can i view yr bike when yr free? Thinking of getting either a zx10r or 848 evo this dec or jan.

  7. Worth it when you intend to ride it until the end of the COE. Like me. However suay suay even before my running in is complete, my friend accidentally bang my bike with his car, causing it to drop on it's right side. Heart DAMN PAIN!!!
  8. Aie

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    I never say that Honda is no good, bro. Performance-wise, very good. Just don't like it's ugly ass design and look. Besides like I've said before, I dislike two syllable brand name of bike. Doesn't sound fierce...
  9. Aie

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    Yamaha, checked. Suzuki, checked. Kawa's turn now. Honda? Never...
  10. Aie

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    For the past 2 or 3 outings, you said you would attend only to turn out to be no shows. I already wait nong nong for my treat. Looks like I have to wait nong nong nong nongggggg lah like this...
  11. Aie

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    Not really lah, Fufu. At times, I accidentally over twist the throttle and lo and behold! Hard run in...
  12. Wady, Sunday ni any SRS racers participating in the BRS???
  13. You give up too easily. Got BF only. Not husband. Best man wins mah...
  14. Aie

    Yamaha YZF R1ders

    I think got 2 riders feel shiok cos got to smoke me on the roads. One CBR1000 and the other, an R1. They see my bike only, from the back overtook me very fast. Running in time, can lah. After running in also still can cos Uncle Aie is a poser, not a racer...
  15. Sad sia. This thread used to be so active. Just like MSR thread in Sportsbikes Section. Now both threads like ghost town liao. All busy with own personal lives or has Facebook taken over their interest???
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