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  1. Tks for the input. Now Sweating..... 600ccs ..... Insurance more money....... maintenance more money ...... wow....it is riding a branded maserati or ferrari man....
  2. Hi Guys, I went thru ducati website to do a bit of reading up but i do not see any 400cc category. Even for current monster are in the 600ccs categories.... Am i summing up ducati currently have no 400ccs bikes ?
  3. Monday to Sunday ? 10am till 6pm ?
  4. So default it comes with 2 footpegs ?
  5. Appreciate the input. Ducati do make rider feel special. Hopefully Motor GP will arrive onto our shores .......
  6. Is there any series for M400 or only 1 type regardless of the year manufactured. Does servicing only done at Minerva ?
  7. Hi Duca Guys, i am considering to switch "allegience" to the ducati but am wondering if it is high cost to say mantain a Monster 400cc ? I probably be looking at affording a lower cc range so need some advise. Thanks if some one could input some knowledge.
  8. hello how much it costed you to do the hazard light and double brake lights and where?


  9. Thanks for these important info.....it rekindles my hope in owning a super machine...
  10. After looking at the cist...dn think i can own one ducati liao....its a rich mans' play thing... Its really costly.......n the sum is like enough to do almost 20 times for my current bike servicing...
  11. Smart guess ..... Think one of them changed the pipe so the other took his stock pipe. They are my gfs' mates.
  12. sawmy sch got 2 dicatis...both having same exhaust layout...one up n one down... one red and one yelow.....si bei loud.. by the way...a ducati can only take a rider issit?...monster cannot take pillion nor put box ah?
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