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  1. Owner really sayang this bike. No doubt about it. Vouch for it. Up for you Mr X
  2. I find using an outer tire patch (aka worm) is only a temporal measure. High chance of leakage, though small. You might wanna try getting an auto air compressor, pump it up yourself, monitor rate of leakage with water (some suggest soap water but erm...slippery) Then judge if it can last till you hit a bike shop that does.. Internal patch (umbrella)
  3. Ups for you bro! Good condition Good price Why didn't u post earlier T_T Bought me jackets already.
  4. An oxymoronic phrase i must use: 'It's an open secret'
  5. With mindsets spoken out like that, garment can see from forum that riders are mentally prepared for further increase...
  6. Nothing can be done.. Unless seller wanna verify buyer's occupation before sale? 😕 Or govt restrict shop workers to own bikes themselves..which is impossible. Hence, this is inevitable.
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