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  1. Number has changed to 81950389.





    Selling Wave 125 R

    Genuine low mileage of 70k km


    Coe expires 04 Aug 2020 non renewable.


    No repair needed. Ride by a 60 year old uncle.


    "Genuine" mileage , "60 year old uncle".

  2. Sad to say i encountered a bike flipper. sold my underutilised Moto Guzzi V7II to this guy who claimed to appreciate the bike, but not particularly well-off due to family commitment. I sold it to this person at a considerable discount because I had this altruistic wish that another rider can enjoy good rides and take good care of the bike.



    Unfortunately the family commitment, wife not working, 3 kids, low income, love for bikes, the shabby Class 2B Zongsheng he rode, were all disguise. The Guzzi V7 was flipped the very next day it was collected.





    I cannot blame anyone. But i absolutely loath such exploitative bike flippers.


    If you come across this guy by the nick "ibike" on singaporebikes or "bigbikesmallbike" on carousell, HP 93838348, be careful.


    The saga continues...

  3. Hong Leong are not very responsive, previously enquired about the R1 via email and they didnt bother replying, visited the showroom and the Sales person was out for lunch, left my telephone and they never even bothered calling me....imagine is you had a issue with a bike your bought from them.


    Strange. Their repair department seems to be popular though, even with bikes that are clearly long out of warranty like RXZ. It's very rare that people bring their out-of-warranty vehicles back to the main agent for repair, so they must be doing something right.

  4. Nice guzzi! Contact me at 93838348 for big discount! :)


    Nice edit. Original comment at http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:https://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/489731-FS-2016-Moto-Guzzi-V7-II-Stone


    Hi I am so called the "bike flipper " here for buying the Moto guzzi v7 II stone and subsequently resell for a higher price. I would like to clarified a few points here since everyone thinks I am a bad guy. I am not here to change your views on me but hear me out. I am the sole bread winner earning a lower than average income. My wife is not working and I do have 3 kids and I really save up quite a while to buy this V7 guzzi which have been eyeing for 1 year plus. I love the Outlook , the shaft drive , the smaller rear tyre size ( cheaper to replace), large tank and more. But outlook of a bike is just Outlook. U have to ride it then u will know if it really suits u. By test riding the bike out in the carpark when viewing is not good enough to tell if it suits u( at least for me). So after I bought over the bike and riding home I knew that I am not use to the vibration from the transverse engine character and also the heavy clutch ( compared to 2B bikes since I am coming from a shabby zongshen 125). There is totally nothing wrong with the bike as it was well taken care of by the previous owner , is just me who still prefer a smaller bike to get around in Singapore. I did told my seller about my financial situation and the best price I can afford was $16200 cash ( not $15k , I still have the agreement ). He was a nice guy and sold it to me. Since I know Moto Guzzi is not popular in Singapore that's why I post it the next day for sale. I know it will take a while to sell it like my seller did. The reason why I posted for a higher price is I feel that it worth that much and I see the value in it. I don't mind to keep it for long term. I have already bought 3 engine oil filter from overseas and also bought 4 bottles (only need 2 bottle per change) of engine 10w60 (not so common but still can get in Singapore) fully syn to DIY if by the time nobody buys. Of course u can do it in shops but I prefer to DIY. Previous owner also left behind engine top gasket for replacement. For me I really don't mind keeping it for long. But I am changing job next year thus hopping to get some cash back. Well I am not going to sell below $16200 because I see the value. Worst case scenario I will keep it. That's all I have...I am not going to reply here anymore so. Those haters who still likes to disturb my carousel​ ads can continue if u think it's right and I can't stop u from doing that.. Peace out!

  5. For a sole bread winner with lower than average income, he does seem to go through a hell of a lot of bikes.


    Let me make a list.

    Suzuki Skydrive (March this year)

    Suzuki Vanvan (Apr this year)

    X1R (four days ago)

    Zongshen ZS125

    Yamaha XJR400

    Honda Wave 125R

    Piaggio Xevo 125

    Vespa Excel 150

    Honda CB400 Spec 2

    Yamaha R6

    Honda CBF600



    Edit: Oh whoops, I missed out a Gilera Runner posted on May 2.

  6. Probably bcos the bike was already damaged before the car brush the bike.


    Yup. All the car did was turn the forks. if the car had really caused that damage, the bike would have fallen over long before the wheel could get that badly twisted.

  7. Pictures? The fact its a 200 means it's anywhere from 2001 to 2010. Around late 2004 upside down forks and a new tank emblem were introduced. And around 2008 there's flames on the tank and black wheels, called the "fire edition".

  8. The whole point of a cub is basic transport, which is why it has a tiny engine, auto clutch etc to make it easy to use.


    1) people with basic licences will not be allowed to ride it at 250cc.

    2) costs will go up so fewer people can afford it.

    3) 250cc and 8 litre tank means it will become a lot heavier and harder for people to manage. Remember that teens and old people ride these things.

    4) Heavier means petrol consumption goes up.

    5) front and rear disc brake doesn't make sense in developing countries with unpaved roads because rocks will hit the exposed disc brake and warp the disc. And its easier to lock up on wet roads.

  9. No insurance means the bike cannot go be transferred to your name. The only exception is lay up upon transfer. So you have to put deposit with the seller, get your insurance done, then meet at lta to transfer and pay him the rest of the money. Otherwise if no insurance then lay up when transfer, then you have to go LTA inspection, then buy insurance and road tax then can ride away.

  10. That area, I think its called the exhaust header, is susceptible to rust because it's always hot. It's normal. As long as the rust is not severe, it is easily fixed by sanding off the rust and respraying with high temp paint. If its really severe, there might be a hole developing in your exhaust which would cause you to fail your inspection.

  11. The average guy has no say to change transport policies, only can if there's change just like what Obama said.only authorities have the authority to change rules as and when it suits them.

    There should be a classic bike COE where owners of such bikes pay a fraction of COE to use only for a limited number of days a year since new bikes and COE'S are now so costly.old bikes don't necessarily need to belong to collectors with deep pockets, its also heritage and some are built to be cherished.Just seems like everything that's old needs to be scrapped or torn down here in SG unless u have the $$$ to upkeep it.


    Erm, there is such a thing. 10% of COE to use 45 days a year.

  12. btw how much is a new runner cost ? paying 40% interests for and old bike sometimes its better to get a new bike if the price is not very far off



    1. new machine

    2. got warranty

    3. lower interests (usually 4% only)

    4. no need inspection for 3 years


    Paper value higher somemore. Resale value also better because of this.

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